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About $87000/tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate!

About $87000/tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate!

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, on October 24, Pilbara announced that the company has completed the sale of a new batch of 5,000 tons of lithium concentrate at a transaction price of US$7,255 per ton, up 2.18% from the October 18 transaction price!

The batch of ore will be delivered in mid-November, and the circulation time of the output lithium carbonate is expected to be in January-February 2023.

According to statistics, the cost of battery-grade lithium carbonate produced is about $80,500/ton based on the freight rate of 90 US dollars/ton!

You must know that lithium ore processors also need to make money. When the cost price is $80,500/ton, even at a 10% profit margin, the market price will exceed about $87,000/ton!

According to data released by Shanghai Steel Federation, on October 24, industrial-grade lithium carbonate rose by $362/ton, with an average price of $77,000/ton; battery-grade lithium carbonate rose by $290/ton, with an average price of $78,900/ton. , continued to hit a record high.

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In fact, the recent record high price of lithium carbonate has become the norm, and the rise has formed a trend.
Some market participants pointed out that at present, the spot market does not rule out the possibility that just-needed orders will reach $87,000/ton.

It is foreseeable that, on the one hand, entering the traditional peak season of the fourth quarter, the demand for lithium carbonate will further increase; less than in summer.

Demand has increased, but supply has decreased. In the context of rising prices, it will be a high probability event that the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate will rise to $87,000/ton.

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