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More and more people are joining in Shen Zhen A&S POWER


            Due to our company becoming stronger and stronger,more and more people are joining in Shen Zhen AS&POWER.Our boss Chris Huang said that nomatter lilthium polymer battery or lithium iron battery and lifeo4 battery in the market will be demanded hugely,so we must make sure our product ,teamwork and quality charge with the market charging.2017.9.1,all us went to join in the activity of team build.Now let us read below.

            Firstly,a coach walked forward to us ,then said time was money,everyone wasted a second,your company would wast 1min,teamwork decided your company was healthy or not.When heard that,we known we, choose to expand activity were right.

            Secondly,after three games,we learned that if we work together,thunk farther,carried out faster,everything would be possible,everyone's dream would come true.

            At the last,we were confident to charge the world,make our future better.


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rechargeable li polymer battery
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26650 li iron battery
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