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The difference between 26650 lithium battery and 18650 lithium battery


The difference between 26650 lithium battery and 18650 lithium battery


1. The rated capacity is different: the rated capacity of IFR26650 lithium battery is 3000mAh, and the rated capacity of IFR18650 lithium battery is 1100~1400mAh.


2. The diameters of the two batteries are different: the diameter of the IFR26650 is 26 mm, and the diameter of the IFR18650 is 18 mm.


3. The reference quality is different: the production test quality of IFR26650 lithium battery is 94 grams, and the production test quality of IFR18650 lithium battery is 45 grams.


4. The size of the battery is different: the volume of the 26650 is larger than that of the 18650, and their cell height is the same, and the cell diameter is different. The 26650 cell diameter is 26mm, and the 18650 cell diameter is 18mm.


5. Different battery capacity: The 26650 battery capacity is larger than the 18650 battery capacity under the same battery material. Assuming that the same ternary material 26650 battery is generally around 5200mAh, the 18650 battery capacity is mostly around 2600mAh.

6. Different application environments: 18650 lithium batteries are used in lighting lamps batteries, industrial supporting lithium battery packs, power tool batteries, electric bicycle batteries, power lithium battery packs, etc., while 26650 lithium batteries are used in integrated solar street light lithium batteries Groups, energy storage stations, solar energy storage batteries, etc. are more.


7.       Different battery life: 18650, which means straight 18MM, height 65MM. From this point of view, 26650 must be larger than 18650, so there is a larger space filling material to achieve a larger capacity. The current 18650 The capacity is 2200, 2600, 3100MAH, etc., and the 26650 capacity generally has 4000, 4200, 4500MAH, leading to longer battery life.


The above is a detailed comparison of the difference between the 26650 lithium battery and the 18650 lithium battery. The 18650 lithium battery and the 26650 lithium battery are also completely different, but they can be modified with each other, but there is also a difference. You can thicken the 18650 battery and put it into a 26650 flashlight.


Combined with the excellent capacity characteristics and high consistency of the 26650 lithium battery, as well as the excellent structural design and mature manufacturing practice foundation of the cylindrical battery, the 26650 lithium battery will gradually replace the 18650 lithium battery in the application of power batteries.

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