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Why Does The Cycle Life of Lithium Battery Become Short?

15 Mar 2017 -

In real life, Lithium battery is widely exist in the digital electronic products. As we know, the price  of lithium battery is not cheap. In most cases, we seldom notice that lithium battery’s practical service life is shorter than its theoretical service life. The following instructions explain Why the lithium battery’s practical service life becomes shorter.

The internal causes of lithium battery :

1. Lithium ion battery’s side effection;

2. The active substances’ irreversible consumption of lithium ion battery;

3. In terms of the large li-ion battery, big working current and slow cooling will easy destroy the structure of battery cell .

4. The additional security precaution measure of lithium battery needs the lithium battery to supply power.

Working effects:

1. If the working environment of lithium battery is improper, it would directly affect the battery’s service life. The lithium battery’s charge temperature range is 0 ℃~45 ; discharge temperature range is -20~60.

2. During the process of charge or discharge, please don’t overcharge and over-discharge the lithium battery.

3. When the lithium battery is under working, please don’t operate incorrectly,  for example short circuit.

4. Using the formal and matching lithium battery charger to charge the battery.

5. The battery should be put aside for half an hour after full charge to make sure it is stable,  otherwise it will affect the battery performance.

Non-work effects:

1. When the matching digital device is not working, the lithium battery should be removed from the equipment.

2. For long term storage lithium batteries, they must be charged to 97%~98%. During storage, the batteries should be charged and discharged one time every 3-6 months.

3.The lithium battery’s storage temperature is around 10~25℃.

4. Don't press, acupuncture, trampling, refit the battery or expose it to the sun.  Don’t also place the battery in the microwave and high pressure environment.

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