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Factors influencing the price of 12V lithium battery

29 Apr 2021 - lithium ion battery 12V lithium ion battery 12V LIfepo4 battery
What is a 12V lithium battery?
12V lithium battery is composed of three or four lithium batteries in series. The capacity of the battery is determined by the capacity of the single cell and the number of the cells connected in parallel. It is a new type of rechargeable battery with safety and environmental protection.

1.12V lithium battery according to the different materials and packaging, divided into 12V lithium ion battery, 12V iron phosphate lithium battery, 12V cylinder lithium battery, 12V polymer lithium battery.

1)12V lithium ion battery
A 12Vlithium-ion battery uses three or four lithium-ion batteries in series.The combined battery pack, the capacity of the battery according to the capacity of a single cell, or the capacity of the battery in parallel, is a new type of safe and environmental protection battery.

Battery capacity
Capacity has no standard capacity, is based on the specific requirements of electrical appliances, or equipment to determine, the general capacity is: 2200mAh, 5Ah, 10Ah such, some electric vehicle capacity up to 20Ah, or 50Ah.The more batteries are connected in parallel, the greater the capacity
The volume of 12V lithium battery should be determined according to the capacity of the battery. There is no uniform specification.The bigger the battery, the bigger the volume

Now many devices need lithium batteries with large capacity and light weight, such as electric vehicles, which used to use lead-acid batteries, but now many electric vehicles have changed into lithium batteries, because lithium batteries have large capacity, light weight and small size
Charge-discharge current
The charge and discharge current of lithium battery is determined according to the power of the equipment.On a constant voltage basis, the greater the power of the device, the greater the output current must be.
Li-ion Battery
2)12V lithium iron phosphate battery
The 12V LIfepo4 battery is composed of four lithium iron phosphate cells connected in series.Lithium iron phosphate cell is a lithium battery with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as cathode material. The nominal voltage is 3.2V, the highest charging voltage of the monomer is less than 3.9V, and the lowest discharging voltage is greater than 2.0V
2.1) 12V lithium iron phosphate battery advantages
· Long life of 12V lithium iron phosphate battery.Lithium-iron phosphate batteries can last seven to eight years under the same conditions.
· Safe use.The 12V lithium iron phosphate battery has been rigorously tested for safety and will not explode even in a traffic accident.
· Fast charging.The battery can be fully charged after 40 minutes of charging at 1.5C using a special charger.
·12V lithium iron phosphate battery can withstand high temperature, and the hot air value of 12V lithium iron phosphate battery can reach 350 to 500℃.
·12V lithium iron phosphate battery is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, pollution-free, with a wide range of raw materials and low price.
LiFePo4 Battery
3)12V lithium polymer battery
Polymer lithium battery is developed on the basis of liquid lithium ion battery, its positive and negative materials and liquid lithium ion battery is the same, but it uses the gel electrolyte and aluminum plastic film to do the outer packaging, polymer lithium battery is also known as lithium polymer battery, also known as polymer lithium battery.

12V polymer lithium battery nominal voltage of 12V, widely used in digital products, power tools, special wearable devices and other fields.

Li-ion Polymer Battery

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